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February 26, 2019 Bathroom Tile

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas

Mosaic bathroom tiles are both an ancient and a modern art form used for flooring and wall tiles. Buy a ready made mosaic mural that is custom made in the colors you select. Cut into 12-inch laminate and assembled materials and grout like a solid panel. You can also create a mural mosaic of yourself by purchasing solid color tile sheets or loose tiles. Choose a simple design to recreate yourself, as a gradated pattern of the dark colored lights. And cut the tiles with the tweezers with the size and shape you want. Install and grout them like ordinary tiles.

Mesh mounted mosaic borders are available in various sizes, colors and patterns. You can combine a mosaic border with a larger field mosaic to give detail and additional color to your tile design. You can also cut laminated materials from tile pieces into strips for a cheap and simple edge of glass or stone tiles. Assemble a floor rim a full tile on the walls to show off a floor of the hallway or master bathroom. Or run a border through a shower at shoulder height. Or through a back wall along the counters for more detail.

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Create a retro looking bathroom design with mosaics on the floors. Classic patterns such as basket weaves, hexagons, octagon penny tiles and knit are available already made in a wide range of colors and materials. Use the penny tiles on the bathroom floor for children in glass or porcelain. Choose a polished marble basket weaving pattern for a master bath. And use 12-inch marble tiles on the walls for an elegant look. Or use a classic hexagon flower pattern on the floor with subway tiles on the retro resort walls.

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