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April 26, 2019 Bathroom Vanity

Idea for Bathroom Vanity With Sink

The sink in bathroom vanity might look like a trivial item to friend Roofing. But, from the things that are considered trivial, this problem can arise. And from these simple things can cause small problems that will later make it hot. Therefore, choose a bathroom sink that suits your daily needs and conditions. The bathroom vanity with sink with drawers makes it easy for Rooang’s friends to put in toiletries. Such as soap, toothpaste, and towels. Unfortunately, this sink is not suitable to be placed in a narrow bathroom. Especially if the drawer is not made of waterproof material. Because splashes of water will damage the layer of drawers. So you have to be careful when choosing where to put the sink!

There is a bathroom vanity with sink whose surface is higher or lower than the sink table. A sink with a higher surface will slightly inhibit the cleaning activity because the dirt and stains will enter the sink first rather than to the sink table.  It must so be cleaned more often.

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While bathroom vanity with sink which is lower or parallel to the sink table is relatively easier and faster to clean because wiping it directly into one. Unfortunately, the type under this table can only be used if the table material is made of solid material such as cast concrete, not ordinary lamination because it must consider the water factor that often affects the sink.

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