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February 26, 2019 Bathroom Tile

Beautiful Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Small bathroom tile ideas – Tiling a small bathroom can be a complicated task. Choose the wrong tile and you could end up with a room that seems to be much smaller than it really is. With the right decisions, however, you can make the most of the space and give the appearance of having more space and make your small bathroom look open and airy. Strong colors can make a small space seem cluttered and give the impression that the walls are closing. Choose tiles that are light or neutral in color to minimize this problem. If you want to incorporate darker colors in the room, mix them with lighter colors to prevent the darker tone overwhelm the room. Also, darker tiles should be kept to a minimum and only used as an accent.

The eye can be tricked into thinking a space is larger with only a small variation in the way the tile is presented. Instead of putting the tile traditionally in squares, it is considered that on the diagonal so that each piece resembles a diamond not a square. This will take more time and may require more custom cutting to get the tile pieces to fit. This will make the room look wider by drawing the eye diagonally instead of up and down.

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Alternating colors can give a room a chessboard effect. While this can be overwhelming in a large room, a small space is ideal for this technique. Again, it is important to avoid using very dark tiles in this design, but this method will allow you a little more space for creativity. Placing the tiles on the diagonal as mentioned above with this particular design will also help make the room look bigger.

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