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February 24, 2019 Bathroom Sink

Beautiful Design Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

Bathroom sinks and vanities – In the bathroom we wash the worries of the day away from us. We start again the next morning with the polishing of sleep. In between we spend a visit after exercise, before going out or just on a day off when there is more time for relaxation. In short, the bathroom is a place of rest and at the same time a lot of productivity. A perfect bathroom does not exist, it differs per person.

Where there is room for minimalism, we should use it. With this design, this designer has devoted himself to developing a washbasin that perfectly captures such rest. Available both as a separate model and in pairs. The beauty of these washbasins is the simplicity it consists of. As if we can pick up and move a sink at any time. Where the average washbasin looks massive and immobile, these washbasins have a light-footed appearance.

A beautiful design, graceful and slightly feminine. An old, wooden barrel finds a new life as a sink, and one that looks nice too. Perfect for the vintage houses where creativity and reuse celebrate heyday. The barrel is round, which makes it fairly flexible in terms of placement. It can be placed both in a corner and somewhere in the middle of the room.

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